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The ASME B1 threads standards meeting was held May 13, 20l0 in Miami Beach Florida.

Following is the report on these meetings.

B1.1 60° product threads: new standard is available from ASME

The revised B1.2 is still in draft form at this time.

Sections have been reviewed and approved.

B1.5, acme threads: no new activity

B1.8, stub acme threads: will be revised soon

Bl-9, buttress threads: some changes proposed for symbols and wording.

BJ.20. pipe threads: David Kats brought up the issue of using 3 dimensional drawings in

the specification.

 Angel Guzman stated he had not seen this in other documents. It was agreed if they need to be used to show a clearer picture, we would incorporate if possible. There was a discussion on the letter submitted by Guy Cuccio on changing of gage point from end of pipe to last scratch of thread. Guy passed out a copy of his proposed change for review. There was a discussion on the specification and whether to revise it. David Katz pointed out that section 8.1 refers to the "End of the Pipe" as the gauging reference. Section 8.1 and 8.2 refer to the "End of the Thread", but also refer to figure 6, which shows gauging to the end of the pipe. David Katz referred to the specification NI.5, section which describes how to handle chamfer size on the product. It describes that the purchaser and supplier should agree on gauging points if chamfers exceed major diameter of the internal nd minor diameter of external, Alan Sheppard brought up the turns engagement method, Guy Cuccio stated that the turn's method is not an accurate way to check pipe threads. David Katz said this part of the Specification will be put in the appendix of the new revision.

It was discussed that some manufacturers' practice is to make large chamfers on external threads to protect the thread, especially on large fittings. They feel that the threads are good and the specification should allow this practice by not counting the excess of chamfer when gaging the parts. Additionally, this would better ensure adequate thread engagement. Some manufacturers have had auditors not agree with this practice because it is not allowed in the specification.

Al Barrows explained the following tasks that still needed to be done

• Review non-threaded gages in the current B1.2, table 12 items 8-16, table 13, items

8 thru 15 and table 14.

• Wording for progressive set plugs

• Wording for the calibration of the new vs. used gages

• Incorporate table 12,13 & 13 notes from current B1.2 document

• Integration of appendix A from current B1.2 document

B1.10 unified miniature screw threads: The Bl.l0-2004 unified miniature screw thread

document is current and available from ASME.


October 19-21 2010 in St. Louis, MO

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