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The Mahr Precimar Linear 100 Measuring System w/MarCheck

The Mahr Precimar Linear 100 Measuring System w/MarCheck is a universal, user-friendly length measuring instrument. The Linear 100 can be used for rapid, precise internal and external measurements up to 100 mm, for both the calibration lab and directly in the manufacturing environment. The unit's simple design makes it possible to carry out fast measurements and adapt quickly to new measurement tasks.

Paired with the new MarCheck measuring and evaluation unit, both measurements and calibrations can be performed quickly and reliably at the touch of a button. Results are clearly shown in large digits on the display screen and can be output via USB or RS 232 ports. The Linear 100 offers a direct measuring range of up to 50 mm (2 in.) and an application range of up to 100 mm (4 in.).

Save Time with the MarCheck Evaluation Unit

Save time by performing calibration checks, such as setting direct-reading measuring equipment or 2-point bore gages with the MarCheck evaluation unit. The Linear 100 with MarCheck also offers a more economical alternative to rings and gage blocks for shop-floor mastering of inner and outer comparative measuring equipment, 2-point measuring instruments, inside calipers, and dial comparator snap gages. Easy-to-use menus guide operators, and measurements are performed systematically using function keys.

Compact in design, and portable for travel the Linear 100 is designed to fit wherever you need it. It features an adjustable 76 x 76 mm (3 x 3 in.) measuring table for precise adjustment of part position when measuring ODs, and a 4 to 40 oz (1 to 11 N) adjustable measuring force that remains virtually constant over the entire measuring range. For ID measurement, the 100 mm (4 in.) x 185 mm (7.3 in.) worktable allows for precision part positioning for measurement. The integrated measuring system is based on the Abbe principle (i.e., the measuring arm and reference are in line) which eliminates cosine errors.

Combined Measurements Without Remastering

Internal/External measurements, as well as Combined Internal/External measurements, are possible without remastering, and easily interchangeable measuring anvils provide increased part measuring versatility. The solid cast body reduces stresses and twisting error and a large digital display provides clear readouts with selectable ID/OD results and preset values.
3 Wire Thread Measuring System
Thread Check's 3-Wire Thread Measuring System adds additional capability to the Mahr Federal Linear 100. Get fast and accurate thread measurement and calibration all in one complete package.
** Sold Separately

No other calibration instrument can offer these combined capabilities, versatility and quality at this price.


Linear 100 with MarCheck

Linear 100 with MarCheck

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