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Getting ready for API Spec 5B1 with Gagemaker

In the next revision release of Spec 5B1 by API, the industry will be able to meet the requirements by using the Gagemaker MRP Gage System. MRP is the abbreviation for Manual Plug and Ring. When the API 5B1 specification is released ( 2012 ) it will allow a threaded connector to be measured and accepted exclusively with the use of the MRP and the rest of the thread element gages. The MRP series of gages accurately measure internal and external diameters of tapered threaded connectors. The MRP uses two accurately located pivoting shoes that rest on the crests of the threads. The MRP gages are easily preset to size using gage blocks, Mic Tracs, or other types of readily available measuring equipment.

Other thread element gages readily available from Gagemaker are thread lead gages, thread taper gages, thread height gages, and thread profile gages. These gages are readily available and extremely versatile for inspecting a large range of threaded connectors.


API Spec 5B1 with GagemakerAPI Spec 5B1 with GagemakerAPI Spec 5B1 with GagemakerThread Lead GagesThread Lead Gages

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