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Gagemaker Distributor Conference 2012

Gagemaker Thread Gages

Thread Check Inc. attended the Gagemaker 2012 Distributor conference in Houston Texas this past week. Thread Check was represented by its President Bart Kipnes, VP of Sales Mark Koszyk, and General Manager Glenn Belmonte. The conference included training and workshops that covered Gagemakers core group of products including Straight Thread Inspection, Tubing and Casing Inspection,, Rotary Shouldered Connection Inspection, Mud Motor Power Inspection, and Measurement and Calibration.

Gagemaker's products are ideally suited for large diameter inspection as well as accurately inspecting all the critical elements of a thread including lead taper, thread depth, profile, functional diameter and pitch diameter. Inspection Kit packages are available that make implementing a quality thread inspection fast and easy.


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