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CMM Calibration with the QUICKCHEK

The QUICKCHEK is a precision calibrated artifact that utilizes multiple hole patterns which is calibrated by conventional methods traceable to NIST. The Quickchek is used to calibrate Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). The master is designed to simulate parts being inspected with hole locations, bolt diameter call outs, and true positions.  The Quickchek provides an easy way to mechanically ensure the CMM is providing accurate readings.  All QUICKCHEKS are 440c stainless steel hardened to Rc 60-62, stress relieved and triple stabilized. The QUICKCHEK can be used to check linear length across two axis' or on a diagonal standing up. Use it to check X to Y laying down or X to Z or Y to Z standing up. The Quickchek is supplied with certification, application procedures and a lockable storage case.
The QUICKCHEK is available in an 8.0" or 16 inch model.
Contact our sales engineer for more information.
800- 767 -7633
CMM Calibration with the QUICKCHEK
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