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Thread Check Inc. provides chrome plating on all standard sized thread plug gages up to 1 ½ in diameter typically for about the same price that other manufacturers charge for tool steel. The chrome process brings the Rockwell hardness up to 70-72 Rc from tool steel which has a hardness of 60-62 Rc. The Chroming of thread plug gages extends the wear life by more than 100% which provide dramatic savings on replacement cost. Wear issues that lead to undersize and out of tolerance gages are one of the major root causes for thread problems with suppliers and their customers. Thread plug and ring gages can wear within a day’s worth of inspection and cause misleading results creating scrap and rejections.

The frequency of calibration for any gage or instrument should be based on usage. If a thread plug gage is being used to check 200 pcs per hour I am fairly certain the gage will be undersize after just one day or even sooner. I would suggest having multiple gages on hand and a master gage that is used to settle internal disputes between production and final inspection. The most common wear issue involves the go member which takes the most amount of friction.

Create “USAGE and WEAR” charts for gages that are being used in high volume inspection.

Keep Thread Gages clean and lubricated to reduce friction and increase wear life.

The most common wear issue for thread gages involves the go member which takes the most amount of friction.

Thread plug gages can be easily checked for wear using a 3-Wire Thread measuring System.

Thread Ring Gages can be checked using a matching thread setplug gage.

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