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New Thread Check Catalog

Thread Check Inc., is proud to announce the release of our 2016 Precision Gage Solutions catalog with over 180 pages of precision gages, measuring instruments and technical information. Our new catalog is available for download or in an electronic book format for easy use. The new catalog has links to where our customers can shop on line, request quotes and view hundreds of technical articles. Use the table of contents to quickly turn to the product selection of your choice. Use electronic book marks for the pages you visit frequently. The new electronic catalog works across all platforms including tables and smart phones.

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Thread Check offers PHASE II + Hardness Testing Equipment Line

Thread Check Inc. now offers a complete line of PHASE II+Portable and  Bench Top Hardness Testers. PHASE II Bench hardness testers are available in digital and direct analog readouts. The PHASE II Bench Hardness Testers feature advanced design and are easy to operate. The 900-348 digital superficial Rockwell hardness tester and the sister of model 900-365 digital Rockwell hardness tester can convert to Brinell, Vickers and other Rockwell hardness tester scales. The PHASE II 900-385 model is a top seller that is loaded with features such as ultra precise measurements, automatic main test force loading/unloading, digitally displayed results, automatic printing, wide measuring range, and RS232&USB output. The PHASE II 900-385 is suitable for hardness testing on carbon steel, cast iron, alloy steel, non ferrous metal and engineering plastics. A perfect performer suited for any environment including heat treat facilities, workshops, tool rooms, laboratories and inspection labs.

The PHASE II+ Portable Hardness are small and compact. They are now available with digital high tech features which make them fast and easy to use in a wide range of applications.

Thread Check Inc. offers a full complement of hardness tester accessories including Rockwell hardness test blocks, Brinell hardness test blocks, Vickers hardness test blocks, leeb hardness test blocks, penetrators and anvils all traceable to NIST. All PHASE II+ bench top hardness tester models are engineered to obtain highly sensitive and accurate readings.

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PHASE II+ Portable Hardness Tester

PHASE II+ Portable Hardness Tester

PHASE II+ Bench Top Hardness Tester

PHASE II+ Bench Top Hardness Tester


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Knoop Hardness Testing

Knoop Hardness TestingIn the Knoop hardness test, a diamond pyramid indenter, which has a rhombic base with included angles of 172°30' and 130°, is pressed onto the specimen under a test force F (kgf). The hardness number (HK) is obtained by dividing the test force F by the projected area, A (mm2), of the identation. The area is calculated from the longer diagonal length, d (mm), of the indentation when the indenter is removed.

The Knoop hardness scale is generally used when shallower depth indentions are required. Knoop hardness can be measured by installing a Knoop indenter on the Macro-Vickers hard- ness testing machine.


Vickers Hardness Testing

Vickers Hardness Testing

In the Vickers hardness test, a diamond pyramid indenter with a 136° angle between oppo- site faces is pressed into the specimen under a test force F (kgf). The hardness number (HV) is obtained by dividing F by the area, A (mm2), of contact between the indenter and specimen. This area is calculated from the diagnonal length, d (mm), of the indention when the indenter is removed.

The Vickers hardness test is the most versatile hardness testing method of those that use different load settings. The Micro-Vickers hardness test, which accepts load settings of 1 kgf (9.807N) or less, is especially well suited for industrial production today, where accuracy requirements are increasing due to technology improvements. Vickers hardness testing at loads 1 Kilogram and up is also known as heavy loead Vickers or Macro Vickers. The other testing parameters are similar to lighter load vickers testing. This type of testing may be used to meet the requirements of international specifications or to replace Rockwell testing.