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A New Power Driven Thread Gage

Multimatic Products recently developed a power driven thread gage to safely drive standard AGD go thread plug gages at a fraction of the price of some other types of units manufactured overseas in Germany. The power driven thread gages have been fairly popular in the automotive manufacturing industry for many years. The Rotary Thread Inspection Tool as Multimatic Products refers to it also checks thread dept up to approximately .7500 inches.

I have had the opportunity to work with the unit and the claims stating “reduced operator fatigue” are well founded in my opinion. I performed inspection on several hundred small .3125 inch coupling nuts and the tool performed soundly. The coupling nut featured a .250-36 UNS 2B thread with a thru hole depth of .3125. The gage powered through the part smoothly and then automatically reversed direction when it reached its thread depth.  The gauging process was very simple and required no continuous hand turning. Conventional gauging would have required 11 turns of the standard thread plug gage into the part and then 11 turns to turn the gage out for a total of 22 turns per part. That adds up when inspectors are checking over 3000 parts per month or more!

I think this may be a ideal gauging solution for many companies and welcomed relief for the quality control inspectors.

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