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STI Helical Coil Thread Gages

STI helical coil thread gages are used to gage tapped threaded holes prior to installing screw thread inserts. Screw thread inserts are used to provide stronger thread assembly or to repair a damaged thread.

If the tapped hole gages correctly then it is not necessary to gage the installed insert. The go thread plug may not enter freely after the insert is installed. A properly manufactured insert will always seat itself when the bolt and screw is installed and tightened.

The no go gage should not enter more than 3 turns. Tapped holes should be thoroughly cleaned prior to gaging.

STI gages are manufactured to class X tolerances. W tolerance plug gages are priced on request.

Thread plug gages are manufactured of oil hardened tool steel. Thread Check Inc. offers chrome plated STI thread plug gages which can extend the wear life of the gage by more than 100% thus providing dramatic savings on replacement cost.

STI thread gages are avialable in unified, metric, and special sizes.

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