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Cylindrical Plain Ring Gages

Cylindrical plain ring gages are used to check outside diameters of parts as well as for mastering measuring instruments. Plain ring gages are used to set electronic bore gages, air gages, internal micrometers and length measuring instruments. Plain ring gages are ideal for gauging the outside diameter of parts. The go ring gage is used to verify the high limit of the part and the no go plain ring gage is used to verify the low limit of the part. Cylindrical plain ring gages are offered in various materials including tool steel, chrome steel, carbide, and ceramic.

Gagemaker tolerances for cylindrical gaging products range from extremely tight class XXX to more economical class ZZ. Roundness and taper does not exceed 50% of the gagemakers tolerance. Thread Check can supply gauges from .015” up to 28.00” in diameter. The No Go ring gage is distinguished from the Go ring by an annular groove cut into the outside surface. Both ring gauges are also marked with size, type and gagemaker tolerance. The outside diameter of a plain cylindrical ring gage is knurled for easy handling and gripping. All plain cylindrical ring gauges are manufactured to ASME/ANSI B47.1 and ASME/ANSI B89.1.6. Plain ring gages up to 1.510”are manufactured without a flanged outer diameter. For ring gauges larger than 1.510”, the gages have a flanged diameter. The gage has less material on the outside of the diameter thus making it easier to handle and use by the inspector. Cylindrical plain gages manufactured in carbide use a solid carbide ring gauge jacketed with a steel outside sleeve. The jacketed steel sleeve reduces the weight and protects the carbide insert which is hard and brittle.

Thread Check’s expert sales engineers can assist you in selecting cylindrical ring gauges for your applications.


Go/NoGo Ring Gage Set

Carbide Ring Gages

Carbide Ring Gages

Flanged Diameter Design

Flanged Diameter Design

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