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Gear Measuring Wires

Thread Check's gear measuring wires are used to check the tooth thickness of gears at the pitch diameter. The gear wire method is more accurate than using tooth verniers to measure the tooth thickness. A measurement over the wires using a micrometer is compared with a perfect gear which is obtainable from the Van Keuren Handbook No 37. The Van Keuren Gear Measurement Tables are accurate to .0001" for 1 diametral pitch gears. A value based on the selection of pressure angle, number of teeth, and wire size is divided by the diametral pitch of the gear being measured. If the actual measurement is larger than the table value then the teeth are thick. If the value is smaller then the teeth are considered thin. A copy of the Van Keuren Handbook can be purchased on line at

Thread Check's gear measuring wires are supplied in sets of 2 identical wires. Thread Check's gear measuring wires meet or exceed Federal Specification GGG-W-366B for Grade AMGW. Wires are lappedĀ  to RMS micro inch finish or less. Contact Thread Check Inc for modified gear wires, carbide gear wires, flatted gear wires.
Thread Check offers Gear measuring holders for both 2 and 3 wire gear applications. Please provide measuring instrument and spindle diameter when ordering.