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Acme Thread Gages


Thread Check Inc. offers a complete line of standard and special Acme Go/No Go Thread Gages per ASME B1.5 - 1997. Thread Check Inc. supplies Acme thread plug gages, Acme thread ring gages, Acme master setplugs as well centralizing and stub acme thread gages. Thread Check Inc. also build special tapered modified Acme thread gages. Acme Thread Gages are priced on request. The following Acme thread list of diameters and associated pitches are recommended as preferred. The Acme threads below have been specifically selected to meet requirements with the least number of items in order to keep to a minimum the inventory of gages and tooling. Other size combinations including multiple start Acme threads, centralizing acme threads, and diameters over 5.0 inches can be priced on request. Acme General Purpose threads have 3 classes of fit – 2G, 3G, and 4G. Centralizing Acme threads have classes of fit designated as 2C, 3C, and 4C. Acme threads feature a 29 degree angle of thread which is the angle between the sides of the thread measured in an axial plane. All Acme Gage lengths and blank standards are per ASME B47.1. The gaging system specified in ASME B1.3M for 60 degree threads is applicable for 29 degree Acme threads except for some gage requirements.

Acme thread dimensional date for parts and gages can be generated by using ThreadTech Engineering Software