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Ultrasonic thickness gauge

Thread Check now offers the PHASE II UTG-2800. This state of the art, digital ultrasonic thickness gauge is packed with features typically found on high end models only. This multi-functional ultrasonic thickness gauge offers everything from basic measurement, Adjustable Sound Velocity, Scanning Capabilities, extended memory and USB output capabilities. This dynamic ultrasonic thickness gauge is designed to measure the thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials such as aluminum, steel, titanium, ceramics, glass, plastics and any other good ultrasonic wave conductor as long as it has parallel top and bottom surfaces. The UTG-2800 ultrasonic thickness gauge will accurately display readings in either millimeters or inches after a simple calibration to a known thickness or sound velocity. This instrument is supplied with a 5 year warranty and backed with excellent customer support.

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Ultrasonic thickness gauge by Phase II+

Ultrasonic thickness gauge by Phase II+


Thread Check offers PHASE II + Hardness Testing Equipment Line

Thread Check Inc. now offers a complete line of PHASE II+Portable and  Bench Top Hardness Testers. PHASE II Bench hardness testers are available in digital and direct analog readouts. The PHASE II Bench Hardness Testers feature advanced design and are easy to operate. The 900-348 digital superficial Rockwell hardness tester and the sister of model 900-365 digital Rockwell hardness tester can convert to Brinell, Vickers and other Rockwell hardness tester scales. The PHASE II 900-385 model is a top seller that is loaded with features such as ultra precise measurements, automatic main test force loading/unloading, digitally displayed results, automatic printing, wide measuring range, and RS232&USB output. The PHASE II 900-385 is suitable for hardness testing on carbon steel, cast iron, alloy steel, non ferrous metal and engineering plastics. A perfect performer suited for any environment including heat treat facilities, workshops, tool rooms, laboratories and inspection labs.

The PHASE II+ Portable Hardness are small and compact. They are now available with digital high tech features which make them fast and easy to use in a wide range of applications.

Thread Check Inc. offers a full complement of hardness tester accessories including Rockwell hardness test blocks, Brinell hardness test blocks, Vickers hardness test blocks, leeb hardness test blocks, penetrators and anvils all traceable to NIST. All PHASE II+ bench top hardness tester models are engineered to obtain highly sensitive and accurate readings.

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PHASE II+ Portable Hardness Tester

PHASE II+ Portable Hardness Tester

PHASE II+ Bench Top Hardness Tester

PHASE II+ Bench Top Hardness Tester


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Per API Spec 7 – Obsolescence Rotary Shouldered Connections

Per API Spec 7 - Obsolescence Rotary Shouldered Connections

In 1964, at the API Committee on Drilling and Service Equipment, a new series of rotary shouldered connections was adopted in order to improve the service performance of drill collars and tool joints. 11 of the 13 NC sizes were approved as standard.

For the new style of connections, the size designation is a two digit number indicating the pitch diameter of the pin member at the gage point and the style is referred to as the number style or numbered connection – NC. These NC connections utilize a V thread form having a .065 inch flat crest and a .038 inch rounded root. This form is specified as the V-0.038R form. This V .038R form mates with the V-0.065 form that is employed on all API internal flush ( IF ) connections and on the API 4 inch full hole ( FH) connection.

All API IF and FH connections are now considered obsolescent and appear in the appendixes I,J, and K of API specification 7.

Of the new NC connections there are 5 sizes that have the same  pitch diameter, taper, pitch, and length of thread as the corresponding size in the IF style and one corresponds to the 4 FH connection.

These 6 connections in the number style can be gauged with the same gauging practice and same gauges required for the equivalent connections.

For information you may contact Thread Check Inc at  or call us at 631 231 1515

Per API Spec 7 - Obsolescence Rotary Shouldered Connections