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An Important part of any thread inspection should include lead and form inspection

These critical thread elements are often overlooked and may go undetected by other methods of thread inspection. Gages to inspect these thread elements are simple and relatively inexpensive.

Thread Lead Gages

Thread Lead Gages


Thread lead gages help to detect machine tool errors, worn lead screws, and X and Z servo drive errors.

Thread Check Inc offers a complete line of thread lead gages from Gagemaker. Thread lead is the distance between threads, measured on a plane parallel to the threaded part. The thread lead is important as it the distance advanced by a thread when rotated 360 degrees on its mating part. Thread lead gages inspect the distance between thread grooves on a threaded part. These gages will inspect both internal and external thread lead using contact points that seat in the threads of the part. The diameter of the contact points on the gage is determined by the pitch of the thread.

The LG-5002 uses a two-point system to inspect thread lead for ACME, Stub ACME, UN or API threads. The two points allow for a sweeping action to obtain the measurement.

The LG-5003 uses a three point system to inspect thread lead for ACME, Stub ACME, UN or API threads. Two fixed points at the rear of the gage and one movable contact point at the front of the gage provide complete stability when taking thread lead measurements. This unique design does not require sweeping to obtain measurements. Plus, contact points are easily relocated or changed to allow the thread lead gage to be used on a variety of thread forms.

Before inspecting parts, the lead gage must be preset to a nominal predetermined dimension using a lead gage setting standard. These setting standards are manufactured according to ANSI and API specifications. Lead standards are available for ACME, Stub ACME, UN and API threads.

Thread Profile Templates


Thread Profile Templates


Thread Check Inc. offers a wide range of standard and special Gagemaker thread profile templates for inspecting thread form. Inspecting the thread form is a critical part of thread inspection. Gagemaker precision thread profile templates quickly and easily check thread form for alignment errors. If a threading insert is aligned with the part incorrectly, the profile template will pick it up quickly. The profile template will also detect chipped or worn inserts by displaying light in the area of non-conformity. Thread profile templates are important tools that are both economical and easy to use.


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