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Thread Check Inc now offers a complete line of high precision feeler gauges

high precision feeler gaugesOur feeler gauges are widely used by many industries as gages to precisely measure clearances and gaps in machinery, dies, and component parts and as shims to accurately set spacing. They can be supplied in thicknesses ranging from .0005” up to .125” in various lengths and widths. They are conveniently available in 6" and 12" strips, 25' coils, as well as standard and custom blade sets. Our steel blades are offered in the highest quality carbon steel or stainless steel for outstanding resistance to corrosion and all blades are permanently marked with the thickness size for easy identification. The standard tolerance on all blades is +/- .0005" (+/-.0127mm). Tighter thickness tolerances of +/- .0001” are available if required. We also offer custom bending and stamping solutions to design a way around obstructions. The option of adding a step creates two gauges in one and can be used as a Go/No-Go gauge or for different applications. We commonly provide air gap gages for power and utility companies in 24", 36", and 48" lengths

Feeler Gauges are a close relative to plug gages.  One of the most common applications of a feeler gage is for use with spark plugs on engines to establish the gap between the distributor points. Feeler gauges of 24", 36", and 48" lengths are also used by power and utility companies  to inspect air gaps in their equipment. Stainless Steel feeler gauges are commonly used to check critical medical dimensional characteristics.

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